After years of flame sensing research and development,  Optect has developed a system with higher reliability and longer range than any product currently on the market.


Ultra Reliable Fire Detection Now At Long Range

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Existing Flame Sensors (90m)

Optect's flame sensor (1000m)


Why Optect's Flame Sensor


Fast Detection

Flame sensors can detect fires in under 5 seconds.  Optect has extended this capability for long range applications.



IR3 flame detectors are inherently reliable.  With two rejection channels and one positive ID channel, they are known to have false alarm rates of less than 1 in 15 years. Optect has developed advanced new false alarm suppression techniques to further increase the reliability.


Energy and Data Efficient

Optect's device can be powered with a small PV panel and battery.  Alarm signals can be sent over standard relays and RS-485 connections or low bandwidth license free radio networks. 


Application Example:  
Protection of Power Lines

Installed every km

Devices are attached every km, covering the area under the power lines and nearby forested areas.  They have their own power and telecommunication system that works even when power and cell networks are down.

Instant fire detection 

For early warnings of:

  • Fires approaching power lines

  • Fires starting underneath power lines

  • Fires starting near power lines

Situational awareness

The system detects:

  • Fire location

  • Alarm strength

  • Number of sensors triggered and direction of travel

  • Local atmospheric conditions

High reliability means resources can be committed immediately, so even the most dangerous fires can be stopped before they grow out of control.




Every Minute Counts

Save Lives

Evacuate nearby residents faster and more efficiently

Save Assets

Catch fires early and prevent large scale damage

Save the Environment

​ Reduce the spread of fires to prevent the release of CO2 and toxic gases

With Optect's new long range system, save money too

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